Scientific Program Overview

The APSR covers all areas of respiratory-related diseases. By having the heads of scientific assemblies in the APSR who plan symposiums for their respective fields of expertise, the scientific program delivers sessions with fresh and timely topics. In view of the differences of medical care situations in the Asia Pacific region, the program covers a wide range of themes from basic educational programs to global topics of urgency, and topicality with outstanding specialists in the respiratory field, not only from hosting countries, but also from Asia, Europe, and the United States.

Keynote Lecture

Presidential Lecture

Expert View

Award Lecture(Harasawa Award/Ann Woolcock Award)

Congress Symposium

Symposium; industry, government and academia to discuss on the same platform. Symposia at which experts from industry, government and academia can come together to debate current and future strategies for uncovering mechanisms and providing therapy for various respiratory diseases.

Assembly Symposium

Clinical Respiratory Medicine

Cell and Molecular Biology

Clinical Allergy & Immunology

Environmental & Occupational Health and Epidemiology

Respiratory Infections (non-tuberculosis)



Lung Cancer


Respiratory Neurobiology and Sleep

Critical Care Medicine

Bronchoscopy and Interventional Techniques

Paediatric Lung Disease

Respiratory Structure and Function

Pulmonary Circulation

Interstitial Lung Disease

Emerging Talent Symposia(ETS)

ETS, designed to identify young and emerging talents. In ETS, which stands for Emerging Talent Symposium, young doctors will plan, develop, and organize the symposium with selected excellent researchers of similar generations from submitted abstracts. Future leaders of respirology can transcend national boundaries to discuss international themes together.

Co-sponsored Session

Luncheon Seminar, Coffee Break Seminar, Sponsored Symposium and Meet the Professor

Oral and Poster Discussion Session *Call for Abstracts